Everyone is on the road, away from home and seeking something exciting. There is not such a thing of not fitting in; you’ll have a great time! both gorgeous, and bursting with activity!!!

Discover the fantastic events :


Ethnic night

As day sets... here starts a gala night with fully decked venue, The event would start in the wee hours, after other scheduled events on 31st august conclude. It aims to create an ambiance of fun, music and relaxation, perfect ambiance of magic filled with music and fun games, dance!!! Get ready to shake few moves!!! Musical carousal celebration of essence, flamboyance and melodies. Let go of your senses and celebrate music on this night of pure magic as the best artists take on the stage to enthrall you with their dulcet tunes and deadly beats, all coming together in one breath-taking performance.


Show time

A night filled with entertainment, popcorn and much more....., keep munching.


Obviously a big pleasure of exploring new lands is trying the local dishes. But the great thing about telangana is they often specialize in authentic lip smacking food!!!


You aren’t going to be the only one checking in and before you know it, fellow delegates will become your new ‘family’. Whether it’s a day trip out that begins the friendship, you’ll find yourself in an abundance of group photos. Be prepared to meet friends for life. Your memories!!!!their memories!!!! There will be a few photos taken for sure. You’ll be fine if you forget your phone or GoPro for the day because guaranteed someone else will have it on hand. Your memories are someone  else’s memories too. Expect to scroll back through your Facebook photos and piece together the night before!


national medical student summit

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